Friday, August 18, 2017


This dilapidated road just went on
Any hope for relief seemed to be gone
The ugly landscape with the blackened trees
Conveyed messages of despair to me

I keep going on, there had to be more
Like a gambler hoping for a big score
But the road, this darkness, kept taunting me,
“This is all there is, you’ll never be free!”

Is that a mirage I see up ahead?
I dare to allow my hope to be fed
A freshly paved road with landscape that’s lush
Just imagining this gives me a rush

I’ve been awarded with an awesome win
The road of darkness has come to an end
As I drive onto the pavement that’s smooth,
I’m rubbernecking at this gorgeous view

The forest, thick with foliage and trees
I roll down the window to smell the breeze
There’s mountains ahead, the ocean beyond
But right here, right now, is where I belong

I covered the mirror, not looking back
Gone from me, is the memory of that
My focus is neither looking ahead
I’m captivated by what’s here instead

I pull off the road, a trail beckons me
And hike to a lake surrounded by trees
I sit by the water’s edge, take it in
To feel this euphoric, must be a sin

I hike through trails the animals have made
With no clue how long, in this place, I’ve stayed
When Spirit signaled it was time to leave
I thanked the forest for nurturing me

I returned to the road, not driving far
The urge to stop made my excitement start
“Where am I going?” I wanted to know
“Could there be more magic you want to show?”

Again, I was led through the forest’s trail
I wanted to absorb every detail
The fragrance, the breeze, this cool mountain air
If heaven is on earth, I’m sure I’m there

I heard it up ahead, that rushing sound
I moved my feet quickly across the ground
And then, pure majesty came into view
Just stand there, awestruck, was all I could do

Water cascading from a ledge up high
Nothing could have prepared me for this sight
The pool, below, gently held out her hand
Offering space for the water to land

Though I felt so sure, I know it’s not real,
They paused, regarded me, like, “What’s her deal?”
Then, permission to approach, I presumed
When their most sacred ritual resumed

I did so with absolute reverence
This, I was sure, is Spirit’s residence
To demonstrate my respect, I disrobed
Vulnerability made itself known

I bow to Source, in complete submission
Prepared to receive my soul’s baptism
The ice-cold water takes my breath away
I want to retreat, but Spirit says, “Stay”

Slowly, my body is able to move
Gradually easing into a groove
Diving down deep in water, crystal clear
Never, have I imagined being here

I keep swimming, I’ve abandoned restraint
Responsibility has been detained
My exhausted body swims to a rock
Closing my eyes, I peacefully drift off

I know there’s so much beauty to explore
I’m content, now, I don’t need anymore
I don’t know what the next moment will bring
Here, in this moment, I have everything

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In the Meadow

The meadow beckoned me to come over
And linger in her carpet of flowers
I obliged, laid my tired body down
Barely aware of anything around

The midday sun was lighting up the sky
Then there’s nothingness as I close my eyes
My next awareness, everything is dark,
A babbling brook and a coyote’s bark

I close my eyes overwhelmed by fatigue
Allowing more sleep to overtake me
My next awareness, with no dream recall
Morning was overtaking the night fall

My body shifted as the world awoke
But Morpheus called me from her abode
That bright sun, again, pried my eyes awake
But tired me has had all she can take

I play by the rules, I beat myself up
No matter what I give, it’s not enough
I’m tired, I can’t do it anymore
I surrender my soul, here at death’s door

But wait, who is this I see emerging?
A random new energy that’s surging
Her light surrounds me, “I’ll take it from here”
She says, “go rest, you’ve got nothing to fear”

Tired me obliges, no resistance
And fades to a space of non-existence
Real me emerges, yawning and stretching
Alive with wonder while the sun’s setting

The crickets chirping and the babbling brook
I rise and venture out to take a look
Little cottontails scamper from my feet
In the distance, curious eyes on me

My senses are heightened, I feel alive
Everything, right here, feels perfectly right
I stay the night, watch the rising sun
Content with myself, don’t need anyone

I have no desire to wander back
To that world where tired me was attacked
Since she’s tucked away in oblivion
I’m sure this is how new me can begin

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Here at the Crossroad

I’m slowly making my way down the street
Riding shotgun, the wisest part of me
I notice the portal, wide open
Beckoning me to come venture on in

Like I often do, I start to sit back
Why risk all this for an uncertain that?
Though I have dreams of a pretty great life
Fear of failure blinds me with its bright light

My wise high self is speaking real low
“Through that portal is where you want to go
The unknown, though scary, can be a thrill
You’ll never know if you choose to stay still

“Look over here at this slate that is clean
The cursor waiting to write out your dream
There are many awaiting your debut
They know you’ll deliver, you always do”

I stand at this crossroad, looking both ways
Do I go for it or just play it safe?
Then Spirit opens a vision to me
Of how each pathway could possibly be

Off to my left, I’m carrying a lot
Assuming, without this, I would be lost
But I’m not as strong as I used to be
A stranger comes and takes the load from me

Assuming they’re kind, giving assistance
I’m grateful and offer no resistance
In no time, I understand what I’ve lost
Everything’s gone while my soul pays the cost

To my right, a beautiful gypsy trail
I let myself absorb all this entails
There’s nothing to carry, everything’s here
Paved with colorful threads of peace and cheer

My physical self sees this as chaos
Structure, schedules and rules are found here not
Then I realize this appeals to me
This nomadic place, where I want to be

My wise self says, “Choose the way you will go
Be firm in your choice, since you can’t have both”
I feel my soul smile as I close my eyes
My decision made, I turn to the right

Monday, July 31, 2017

Far Away

I was hiking and didn’t realize
I was walking amongst a sea of eyes
My intention to keep myself grounded
Was contrary to what Spirit wanted

Little by little I became aware
That there were souls around me everywhere
I had no walls, that was perfectly clear
And all of my thoughts, I know they could hear

I saw him start to materialize
His familiar image before my eyes
He’s walking toward me as our lights embrace
All time between our worlds just melts away

We’ve ventured throughout many lives before
Both of us guiding souls through Spirit’s door
His world is in another universe
Like the one we worked together in first

He said, “Please come on a journey with me
There’s someplace beautiful for you to see”
I closed my eyes and surrendered my trust
And straight away felt myself lifting up

Up through space, leaving the planet of blue
No measure of time or space we went through
We arrived in a place, there are no words
To describe the majesty of this world

Colors beyond what my world’s ever seen
With creatures and plants peculiar to me
He lingered there while I took it all in
For bringing me here, I’m grateful to him

He chuckled, “Well, this isn’t a free ride
After all, we are both Spirit’s gate guides
Two souls here are ready to transition
We’re the chosen guides to usher them in”

We went to the place, two souls hand in hand
I turned to my pal, “I don’t understand
They appear happy and healthy to me
No incident forthcoming, that I see”

He smiled at the narrowness of my view
“Your earth world has certainly messed with you
In a world where there’s peace and harmony
Souls decide when they are ready to leave”

I felt so much I needed to relearn
But memory was starting to return
When souls are resting from lifetimes in school,
They can spend time in these worlds, if they choose

What my mortal mind was struggling to see
Why any soul would leave this world of peace
Then images were playing in my mind
Souls returning to work, leave this behind

He looked at me, took my hand, “Well, shall we?
I believe these two souls are now ready”
I nodded, then marveled at what took place
Their bodies on the ground, lying in wait

There’s no fear, just absolute surrender
As my pal guided him, I guided her
When their souls had fully merged with our light
I was caught off-guard at this awesome sight

I know these souls!  The four of us are tight
I hug them, this surprise is out of sight!
Spirit gives permission for us to stay
To fill our souls in this celestial place

Since I’m the one who lives on planet Earth,
The toughest school in any universe,
They offer comfort, riding back with me
As I return to that reality

I feel myself choke up, begin to cry
Embracing their lights as we say good-bye
Back in my world, beginning a new day
Walking, I feel my friends aren’t far away

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jump the Line

I’m waiting at the gate, traveling home
Lost deep in my thoughts and sitting alone
He came and sat in the seat next to mine
Then whispered, “Please help me, I’ve jumped the line!”

At first, I was in shock, wanted to yell
Assisting a crime will land me in jail
“Whatever you’ve done, please don’t involve me
I don’t want that responsibility”

When I had calmed, he started to explain
“I’m from a time much ahead of your day
I jumped the line on a curious whim
A friend was traveling, so I went with him

“The host he chose got into a big jam
They departed earth-life and here I am
This host I’m with has allowed me to speak
I was told, by others, you could help me”

Okay, not at all what I expected
Nor a task, at this moment, I wanted
“This place I come from, you already know
He said, “I’m acquainted with your friend, Vloe”

This gift of time travel, apparently,
It is uncommon and fairly unique
My friend was the one that made me aware
That we could travel between here and there

Vloe visits me from a much future time
And observes my world from deep in my mind
She reciprocates when I visit her
Fascinated by their world, that’s for sure

He said Vloe and him could communicate
They speak through thoughts, so I figured that way
He asked if there was a quieter room
So that I could allow Vloe to come through

“That’s not a problem, she’s already here”
Then I softened back so she could be clear
Our eyes were closed as my shoulder touched his
Apparently, it works better like this

They began their chatter with fast visuals
All over the place, nothing sequential
Then they arrived at a great solution
And sought approval from my direction

I gave it, I’m nervous, I will not lie
With two souls on board that have jumped the line
I stayed in the background, make myself breathe
Knowing Vloe would never try to hurt me

Quickly, the man gets up and walks away
Vloe and the line jumper begin to fade
I looked up, panicked, thought I missed my flight
And saw only five minutes had gone by

Friday, June 16, 2017

My Fairy Friend

I am light with no features to define
Moving through space with a creature Divine
I’m envisioning some water that’s cool,
A waterfall that spills into a pool

I had seen her out on the trail before
Now, she’s dancing in the moonlight once more
I move out of sight so not to disturb
This beautiful soul that appears so pure

This time I’m seeing her a whole new way
As the music she hears makes her light sway
She’s dancing as though nobody’s around
And, if they were, she’d do it anyhow

I’m mesmerized by her intense beauty
But words can’t describe what I really see
She kept on dancing, I watched quietly
She stopped, looked my way, said, “Are you ready?”

I laughed, she has always known when I’m near
She says, “When you think of me, I appear”
This soul’s great passion is dance and music
When she hears the beat, she just grooves with it

I confirmed I’m ready, she moved my way
When our lights touched, everything felt okay
Then light as a feather, we lifted up
Moving through time and space, powered by love

We came to this place I see often times
That’s located somewhere deep in my mind
I squeal in delight thanking this sweet soul
And start to indulge until my tank’s full

I swam in the pool with complete freedom
No concern for judgement made it great fun
Then I sat on the edge while the falls rushed
The awesome sound helped my conscious mind hush

All time suspended as I lingered there
Every need was met so I had no cares
I opened my eyes and looked to the right
Saw my fairy friend dancing in the light

I grinned, nothing is more perfect than this
I used to believe it didn’t exist
A new reality I’ve realized
The limited view I see with my eyes

Satisfied, I nodded to my light guide
Ready to embrace my physical life
She winked, “Go ahead and take one more dip
I know it’s what you want, so just do it!”

I dove in the water, swimming real deep
Then it dawned on me, I don’t need to breathe
I stayed longer than I should, I’m quite sure
But when I emerged, it hadn’t fazed her

We flew back defying all space and time
Back to the crazy worldly life of mine
Before she departed, she looked my way
Said, “I’ll see you soon another day

Back on the trail, completely lost in thought
I’d wandered somewhere random with my dog
Something up ahead only he could see,
I realized was guidance from this fairy

Friday, June 2, 2017

Head Stone

Pausing to study the simple head stone
The body lies here while the soul’s gone home
Graduated from her mortal schooling
Aced her final on life’s truest meaning

There’re lots of flowers placed here by loved ones
And a picture of her when she was young
The dates on the stone suggest she grew old
Though she left this plane a giddy young soul

I witnessed her walking the fires of hell
The flames were consuming, she almost fell
Divine intervention guided her through
To a perfect place where her passion grew

I smile at the memory of her great life
Learning everything’s already all right
Run my hand across the stone one more time
Say good-bye to the name that was once mine